First, of course, in the hierarchy of importance, I am the mother of two kids and I am a native of Maryland. I've always been an animal person and find so much joy and awe in them. I've always taken pictures but it's been for myself or family - but now I take yours!


I have 25 years experience in marketing and communications, but my role started as a graphic designer, grew to videographer, manager, specialist, etc. I have a Journalism degree from the University of Maryland.


I am focusing on photography because I love it, but an equally important reason — maybe one that you share with me — is out frustration! I was so tired of having to prepay for my kids' school pictures that I had not yet seen. 99% of the time the pictures were poor so I had to request refunds. And the chain photography stores offered "free" sitting fees but they stuck it to you with the prints or copyrights. Ugh.


My philosophy on pricing is simple. I DO charge a sit'n'stay fee (most chain services "waive" it) because that is what you are truly paying for - getting the kids/pets to sit still and smile/pant. And getting candid moments, quality shots and composite services — that's where the talent is and that's what counts. I don't charge ridiculous prices for prints because I know you can go to Walmart, Snapfish, Kodak - any online photo service and pay loads less and get the quality prints. After all, they all use the same processing labs! In fact, I encourage you to buy the CD with all your images or download your purchases yourself.


I also offer the mobile photo service where I can come to your location. If you have little ones or you are a seasoned citizen and don't like to drive, you can appreciate home service. Not having to deal with the inconveniences of driving and the waiting and waiting, not to mention, being exposed to the germs floating around public areas, especially during the holidays, is a real plus. The mobile photo option is worth a sit'n'stay fee!

And the photobooth option is affordable and so much fun. You should consider it for your next gathering!

So, there you have it. That's why I am here. I LOVE photography.

I hope to see you in my lens soon!