My Sit 'n' Stay fee - explained.

If you haven't read the ABOUT ME section of the Web site, please do so to better understand my pricing philosophy. If you don't feel like navigating over to that page, here's a recap on my philosophy - although not as informative as my About Me page. 

do charge a SIT'N'STAY fee but it is RISK FREE as you pay NOTHING until you see your online proofs. If you decide to purchase photos by downloads, prints or the CD, the sitting fee will be included in your total. If you do not have internet access or would rather have a follow up home visit to review your proofs, we can arrange for that as well.

Additionally, I encourage you to buy the CD or choose the download options for your prints. It's convenient, cost effective, fast and the CD gives you full copyright to the session photos you choose. These two options give you the flexibility to purchase your prints from your favorite vendor at a great low price. But if you still prefer to buy prints from me, that's fine, too. Whatever is easiest for you. 

The fees below are as of November 2012 and are subject to change.


$35 Special for the holidays $20!

PLEASE NOTE: The $35 fee is my standard charge based on squirmy children and rambunctious pets (or vice versa) where generally it takes 15-30 minutes or more to get a full session. Sit'n'Stay fees may differ for individual adults or senior citizens as we generally get cooperation out of the gate.
FULL SESSION CD: $175 (15-30 photos with full copyright) - BEST VALUE
SINGLE IMAGES: $5 $3 per image for the holidays

$5 $3 per print (Wallets (4) |  5 x7   |  4 x 6  |  $8 per 8 x 10 or 8 x 11 

COLLAGE FEES: 8 x10 size ; $5 for each photo shown in the collage. (i.e., 3-photo collage = $15)
 * Additional pricing, photo sizes and offers are on the ordering portion of your gallery.